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Examination tables

In all doctor's practices, hospitals and medical facilities, examination tables are an indispensable basis for every treatment.

Examination tables are an indispensable basis for every treatment

No practice, clinic or health center can do without examination tables for appropriate patient positioning during examinations or therapies.

The corresponding tables are usually referred to as doctor's tables, treatment tables, exercise tables, ECG tables, massage tables, patient tables, practice tables, rest tables, therapy tables or universal tables. We summarize these couches in the general term examination tables.

The range of examination tables from AGA Sanitätsartikel includes:

Attractive and high-quality, simple treatment tables and examination units

The treatment tables, Article No.: RU-1062 and RUL-6000, stand out with their elegant design. The table legs and the upholstery frame are made from flat oval steel tube profiles. The offset upholstery appears to float due to the indented upholstery frame and spacers.

The three variants of the ULI and ELI treatment tables are characterized by their high-quality workmanship and clear contours.

The examination units include an examination table with attached or suspended cabinets and a swivel stool.

Examination tables with 2 sections, with head-down position, with 3 sections

The examination tables and ECG tables are available with 2-piece and 3-piece tabletops. The examination tables in 2 sections are available with a positively as well as positively and negatively adjustable head section.

Examination tables for bariatric patients

The examination tables, with a load capacity of up to 300 kg, have been specially developed for bariatric patients.

Examination tables with manual height adjustment

These examination tables are also available in height-adjustable versions. The simplest and most economical variants are the examination tables with manual height adjustment by hand crank.

Examination tables with hydraulic height adjustment

The examination tables with hydraulic height adjustment are the preferred option where a power-source independent product is desired.

Examination tables with electric adjustment

The examination tables with electric motor adjustment offer the highest level of operating comfort.

Accessories for examination tables

In order to provide users with optimal examination and treatment conditions, including with regard to patient positioning, we offer an extensive selection of accessory components and equipment options.

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