Spezialliegen von AGA, zum Beispiel Massagekofferbänke

Special Tables

Different types of tables, for very specific applications or patient groups.

Special tables for targeted users or patient groups

In this product group, we present different types of tables that are only suitable for specific users or patient groups.

Some of these tables could certainly have been integrated into one of our other product areas, for example the wall-mounted folding tables with the examination tables. But the wall-mounted tables still enjoy a unique profile in terms of their scope of use and functionality.

The range of special tables from AGA Sanitätsartikel includes:

Wall-mounted folding tables, portable massage tables

The wall-mounted folding tables and portable massage tables have been designed for rooms that offer little space or where an assembled table is not permanently needed. While the portable massage tables can also be used for mobile use, for example for home visits, the wall-mounted folding tables remain firmly attached to the wall. When needed, they are quickly ready for use in just a few steps.

The wall-mounted folding tables allow ergonomic and fatigue-free practice. They offer patient positioning that is just as comfortable and safe as “standard” examination tables. The wall-mounted folding tables can be mounted perpendicular to or along the wall and can be folded up or down.

The portable tables are used, for example, as mobile massage table for sports medicine. They are characterized not only by their short assembly and dismantling times, but also by their low weight and high stability.

Pediatric tables, recliner / EEG chair

The pediatric tables were specially designed for the examination and treatment of small children. Thanks to the continuously positively and negatively adjustable or foldable head and foot sections, these tables can be adapted to the children's different body sizes and thus also offer an additional safety component.

The reclining lounge chair/EEG chair is provided with a covering and soft cushions for comfortable and relaxed sitting and lying positions. The patients themselves can operate the simple adjustment mechanism.

Gymnastics tables according to Bobath, therapy tables

The Bobath gymnastics tables are used in therapeutic and nursing areas. They are an aid in the “Bobath concept”, which is successfully used worldwide and is used to rehabilitate people with diseases of the central nervous system. These are often accompanied by movement disorders, symptoms of paralysis and spasticity, so a special table makes the treatment easier.

The AGA-THERA therapy tables, with their tabletop in seven sections and multiple adjustment options, were designed for chiropractors, orthopedics and therapists' practices. Thanks to the many adjustment options of the height, armrests, legrests,  back section, head section with face cutout and seat section, various positions such as Trendelenburg / Anti-Trendelenburg and drainage position can be easily set and secured.

Sonography tables

A significant advantage of sonography over X-rays is the harmlessness of the sound waves used. Even sensitive tissue, for example in unborn babies, is not damaged. Sonography is largely painless.

The sonography tables are available with a fixed height and with two or three-piece tabletops. Due to the negative headrest adjustment, the three-piece sonography table is also suitable for thyroid sonography.


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