Echo-Kardiographieliege mit abklappbarem Polstereinsatz und passendem Hocker

Echocardiography tables

Echocardiography tables are an indispensable basis for echocardiography, one of the most important technical non-invasive examination methods of the heart.

Echocardiography tables with a cutout in the heart area

Echocardiography, also known as cardiac echography, is one of the most important routine heart examinations. This ultrasound examination provides information about various heart diseases. In addition to the electrocardiogram, also known as ECG, echocardiography is one of the central cardiac examination methods and an indispensable part of cardiological diagnostics.

The range of echocardiography tables from AGA Sanitätsartikel (referred to as EKA in the article numbers) includes the following products:

Echocardiography tables with fixed height

The only difference between the echocardiography tables and the “standard” 2-section examination tables is that there is a cutout in the tabletop upholstery. Because of the cutout, cardiac examinations are easier to carry out using a transducer.

There are two options for the padded insert that comes with every echocardiography table: removable (can be completely pulled out), and folding (is permanently connected to the table). By closing the cutout, the echocardiography table becomes a “standard” examination table again.

Echocardiography tables - Height adjustable with precision double square profiles (200 mm stroke)

The echocardiography tables are also available in height-adjustable versions. A cutout is also incorporated into the tabletop surface. The height adjustment can be done using a hand crank, hydraulics or electric motor. Thanks to the precision double square profiles, an adjustment range of 650 to 850 mm is achieved.

Echocardiography tables - Height-adjustable with scissor mechanism (up to 430 mm stroke)

The echocardiography tables are also available with a larger adjustment range (height adjustment via hydraulics or electric motor). The scissor mechanisms enable low entry heights and longer adjustment ranges.

The upholstery layout has been slightly changed on these echocardiography tables. The seat to legs upholstery section was shortened and the head to back cushion was lengthened. The cutout is here in the back section.

Sono-Echocardiography tables

The sono-echocardiography tables are a combination of echocardiography tables and sonography tables. The sono-echo cardiography tables combine the adjustment options required for sonography and echo cardiography in terms of patient positioning in one product. They have a three-part lying surface and are equipped with a cutout in the back cushion.

Accessories for (sono-)echocardiography tables

In order to enable users to perform optimal examinations, including with regard to patient positioning, we offer an extensive selection of accessory components and equipment options.

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