Transfusionsliege von AGA mit blauer Komfortpolsterung

Transfusion chairs and blood collection chairs

Transfusion chairs and blood collection chairs, suitable for blood collection, blood transfusion, blood donation and blood purification (dialysis).

Transfusion chairs and blood collection chairs for a high level of patient comfort

To determine blood values, for example erythrocytes (red blood cells), leukocytes (white blood cells) and thrombocytes (blood platelets) as well as hemoglobin (protein that gives the blood its red colour), blood must be obtained from the body of the respective patient so-called blood collection or blood sampling.

Even during voluntary blood donation, which is usually used for medical, scientific or pharmaceutical purposes, as well as for blood purification (dialysis), blood is taken from the donor or patient. A blood donation usually takes more time than a blood collection or sampling, as more blood is extracted from the body. Blood purification, on the other hand, takes several hours. Accordingly, blood donations and dialysis should be carried out with patients resting comfortably.

Blood donation chairs and dialysis chairs from AGA Sanitätsartikel have the advantage that collapsing patients can be quickly adjusted to the shock position (elevation of the legs) without changing the sitting/lying position.

The range of transfusion chairs and blood collection chairs from AGA Sanitätsartikel include:

Blood donations chairs and dialysis chairs

In principle, blood donation tables and dialysis tables have the same requirements. Both are designed for blood to be taken from patients. However, compared to blood donation, the dialysis process lasts for hours.

For this reason, the dialysis chair was provided with a thicker comfort pad and an motorized tilt/shock position adjustment. The patient can operate the electric motor using the hand switch and choose and change their sitting/lying position over time. In order to counteract potential leg cramps, the dialysis table comes with a relaxation footboard.

The time factor plays a major role when it comes to the blood donation lounge chair. In order to quickly bring collapsing patients into the shock position, the adjustment is triggered by a gas pressure spring via a foot lever that is easily accessible from three sides.


Blood collection chairs

The blood collection / blood sampling chairs from AGA Sanitätsartikel are indispensable pieces of equipment, available in height-adjustable versions and with fixed heights. The product range also includes blood collection chairs that can hold up to 300 kg and are therefore particularly suitable for adipositas patients.


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