Product videos

Videos of products, product features and how to use them

Videos of products and product features

The products of AGA Sanitätsartikel are shown in the picture galleries on the individual product pages and described  in more detail in the technical data. Nevertheless, there may still be unanswered questions about the products:

  • Adjustment options - Which upholstery positions are possible?
  • Service - How is the adjustment made using the grid, clamping rod mechanism or gas pressure spring?
  • Equipment components - What is included in the scope of delivery?
  • Optical product design - What does the product look like in a professional environment?
  • Handling - For example, how do we use with the rotating mechanism of the side guard?
  • Adjustment mechanisms - How are hand cranks, hydraulics or electric motors operated?
  • Functionality - How does the central locking castors system work?

As pictures and videos say more than a thousand words, we show some products and their features here.

Videos about products and mechanical adjustment, accessory components and other equipment features as well as electric adjustments

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