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Swivel stools, swivel chairs and other seating furniture

Seating furniture for patients and users, suitable for operating rooms or everyday use. Seating furniture is an indispensable aid in every outpatient clinic, practice and medical facility.

Swivel stools, swivel chairs & other seating furniture for patients and users

Seating furniture includes swivel stools, swivel chairs, doctor's chairs, stools with a saddle seat and very simple square stools. Most of the seating furniture is available in both mobile and fixed versions. The seating furniture can be intended and used for both patients and users.

Swivel stools and swivel chairs can be provided with electrically conductive synthetic leather and with electrically conductive double castors. These are then suitable for surgery and can be used, for example, in operating rooms and operating rooms.

The range of seating furniture from AGA Sanitätsartikel includes the following products:

Swivel stools and surgical (OR) swivel stools for freedom of movement

The swivel stools and surgical swivel stoools offer users reliable seating that does not restrict freedom of movement. The surgical swivel stools have been specially developed for use in operating rooms and operating theaters and are additionally provided with electrically conductive synthetic leather cover and electrically conductive castors.

Swivel chairs and surgical (OR) swivel chairs with height-adjustable, tiltable and padded backrests

The swivel chairs and surgical swivel chairs are based on the swivel stools, which only have a height-adjustable, tiltable and padded backrest. The backrest and seat cushion of the surgical swivel chairs have an electrically conductive cover. The double castors are also installed in an electrically conductive design.

Doctor's chairs with ergonomically shaped seat and backrest

The doctor's chairs and desk chairs consist, among other things, of ergonomically shaped seat and back cushions and offer a high level of seating comfort, also with regard to their adjustment options. Due to the castors, the doctor's chairs guarantee a certain flexibility and freedom of movement.

Examination stools and square stools

The examination stools with saddle seat and square stools offer patients and users reliable seating that may even optimize their sitting posture. With their castors, the examination stools with saddle seats do not restrict freedom of movement. The square stool can be used as seating as well as as a shelf. Due to its size, it is also easy to store.

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