Surgical (OR) swivel chairs

Surgical swivel chairs with braked, electrically conductive double castors and electrically conductive synthetic leather cover. Designed for use in operating rooms and theaters.

Surgical swivel chairs with electrically conductive upholstery and double castors

No surgical practice or clinic does without surgical swivel chairs. Surgical swivel chairs offer users comfortable seating and, thanks to their mobility, plenty of room to move.

The surgical swivel chairs from AGA Sanitätsartikel feature a seat cushion with piping. The height-adjustable and tiltable backrest also provides a comfortable and safe seating experience. The seat and backrest are covered with electrically conductive synthetic leather (cotton/polyester blend, coating made of 100% PVC compound, biocompatible) in the colour black.

Depending on the model, the seat height adjustment is activated by a hand lever located directly under the seat cushion (right handside) or by a foot release located under the base. The chrome-plated gas pressure spring connects the seat cushion with the five-armed, polished aluminium base. Five soft, braked, electrically conductive double castors are inserted into the aluminium base. The surgical swivel chairs have a load capacity of up to 140 kg.


  • The polished aluminium base offers high stability and has a diameter of 610 mm.
  • The braked and electrically conductive double castors, Ø 50 mm, are available in a soft version (for hard floors).
  • The seat cushion (Ø 380 mm, padding thickness 75 mm) is provided with a piping and covered with synthetic leather (cotton/polyester blend, coating made of 100% PVC compound, biocompatible). It has a 3° incline towards the backrest.
  • The backrest, upholstered with synthetic leather (cotton/polyester blend, coating made of 100% PVC compound, biocompatible), can be individually adjusted in height and tilt.
  • The continuous height adjustment is activated using a hand lever under the seat cushion. Due to the mounted support plate, the hand lever is always on the right handside.
  • The gas pressure springs are available in two lengths for the following height adjustment ranges:
    • 460 – 580 mm,
    • 550 – 730 mm (article numbers with /LG).
  • The surgical swivel chairs (the article number begins with DS- and ends with LEIT) have a load capacity of up to 140 kg.

Technical data

 Surgical (OR) swivel chairs
Aluminium baseØ 610 mm
Seat cushionØ 380 mm
Seat upholstery thickness75 mm
Backrest470 x 140 mm (L x H)
Backrest upholstery thickness45 mm
Load capacity140 kg
Seat height460 - 580 mm550 – 730 mm 490 – 610 mm
Height-adjustable foot ring--Ø 455 mm-
Seat height adjustment via 
- Foot ring---
- Hand lever-

The electrically conductive synthetic leather cover MEDISTAT (Cotting Group / Griffine) used by us is characterised by its tear resistance, durability, longevity and good cleaning properties as well as its resistance to disinfectants and is therefore particularly suitable for use in the medical sector. 

MEDISTAT synthetic leather consists of a cotton/polyester blended fabric and a 100% PVC compound coating. It is available in the colour black. More information about the composition, cleaning and care can be found here.

Image galleries

The photos show the surgical swivel chair with a longer height adjustment range, Article No.: DS-2000/RLLGLEIT, in the colours:

  • Base: polished,
  • Upholstery: black electrically conductive.


The photos show the surgical swivel chair with a longer height adjustment range and height-adjustable foot ring (used as a footrest), Article No.: DSMF-2000/RLLGLEIT, in the colours:

  • Base: polished,
  • Upholstery: black electrically conductive.

Accessories & additional options

Article No.


Height-adjustable foot ring, attached to the gas pressure spring, serves as a footrest, foot ring Ø 455 mm. The outer ring is chrome-plated steel.

SGLLEITSet of electrically conductive gliders (adjustable feet), instead of braked, electrically conductive double castors, reducing the chair height by approx. 30 mm.

Product variants

As a manufacturer, we are able to adapt our products to your individual needs. Below, you will find examples of customer-specific requests we have implemented.

Outfitting the surgical swivel chairs with an electrically conductive synthetic leather cover from another manufacturer (e.g. the Vowalon coating) is possible for an additional charge. We will be pleased to provide further information upon request.

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