AGA Sanitätsartikel - Your partner for quality medical furniture

You expect premium quality equipment for your medical practice or facility? Then you are at the right place! For over 40 years AGA Sanitätsartikel has been recognized for supplying high quality products and providing excellent customer service - to the entire European market and worldwide. We specialize in the manufacturing of quality furniture and equipment for medical offices or institutions.

Since we manufacture the goods ourselves, we can customize most items to suit your individual needs. See for yourself - explore our website, discover our services and our range of products Made ​​in Germany, and talk to our dedicated team today!

Our Products - At a glance

Operation Tables and Multi-Function Tables, OR Accessoires
Operation Tables and Multi-Function Tables, OR Accessoires
X-Ray Tables and Accessories
X-Ray Tables and Accessories
AGA MRI tables and MRI instrument table
MRI tables and MRI instrument table
AGA Phlebology and tilt tables
Phlebology and tilt tables
AGA Universal tables
Universal tables
AGA Cardiography tables
Cardiography tables
AGA Examination chairs
Examination chairs
AGA Multi-function examination tables
Multi-function examination tables
AGA Massage and therapy tables
Massage and therapy tables
AGA Transfusion chairs
Transfusion chairs
Stools and Chairs
Stools and Chairs
AGA Privacy screens
Medical privacy screens

Medical furniture according to customer needs

Thanks to our modern and flexible manufacturing technology, we are able to optimally implement customer requirements in the field of high-quality practice furniture. AGA Sanitätsartikel offers you the best possible service and products with exclusive materials and craftmanship - developed and manufactured entirely in Germany.

The upholstery materials are available in a wide range of colours, to ensure you can always match your new office furniture, such as examination tables, chairs and accessories, individually to the colour of your existing equipment or to your colour concept. This will help create a harmonious environment, not only for the physician or therapist, but also the patients to be treated.