Verschiedene Plattenfarben für die medizinische Paravents von AGA

Privacy Screen Colours

Colour range for medical screens

The folding screen panels are available in seven different colours. All colour panels can be arranged individually.

Privacy screens colours

The screen wings are made of 3 mm thick, impact-resistant and easy-to-clean PVC rigid foam panels. The flat surface with an even, micro-celled foam structure is homogeneously coloured, flame retardant and resistant to repeated disinfectant use.

These PVC hard foam panels, which are screwed into anodised aluminium rectangular tubes (dimensions 30 x 20 x 2 mm), are available in seven different colours. The panel colours can be combined together individually at no extra charge. Accordingly, single-coloured screens are just as available as multicoloured ones. When placing the order, all you have to do is specify the desired colour combination.

Colour selection of the PVC rigid foam panels

We offer the screen panels in seven different colours.

Note: For technical reasons, colour variations from the colours shown here are possible.

Colour selection card for AGA medical screens
Colour selection for AGA privacy screen panels

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Screen panels colour selection card

Cleaning and care

The even, fine-celled foam structure of the PVC rigid foam panels is homogeneously coloured throughout, flame retardant and resistant to disinfectants.

Daily cleaning can be done in any position of the screen. All adjustment devices must be protected against the ingress of liquids.

The aluminium profile tube frame and the PVC hard foam panels can be washed off with a light soapy solution, but must be rubbed dry again (do not leave to dry in sunlight).


Technical data

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