MRI Patient Transport Tables

MRI Tables and patient transport tables

MRI Tables up to 7 T and patient transport tables for versatile use

MRI Tables and patient transport tables for different requirements

Patient transport tables are required foriInjured, sedated, disabled and handicapped patients in every clinic, medical facility and doctor's office.

These respective couches are usually referred to as recovery tables, mobile tables, patient transport tables, stretchers, trolleys and transport couches. We grouped these products under the generic terms:

The range of MRI tables as well as patient transport tables and recovery tables from AGA Sanitätsartikel offers solutions for different requirements. You can rely on the quality Made in Germany.

MRI tables for use in magnetic resonance imaging - up to 7 Tesla

Magnetic resonance, abbreviated as MRI or MR, is an imaging procedure that is made visible using a strong magnetic field and high-energy radio pulses. Very special patient transport tables with very specific properties are required for this application. The tables must not be attracted to the MR system or influence the imaging process. Therefore, all components installed in the MRI tables should be as antimagnetic as possible.

The MRI patient transport tables are available in eight different configurations:

The patient transport tables, which are not suitable for magnetic resonance, are also available in different versions for universal use:


Patient transport tables with fixed heights

Patient transport tables with fixed heights from AGA Sanitätsartikel are available without side guards, but also with side guards for safer patient transport, as well as with all-around edge/impact protection and push handles. Thanks to the side guards, they can also be used as recovery tables.

Patient transport tables, height-adjustable by hydraulics

In order to be able to transfer patients more easily, for example from operating tables, treatment tables, therapy tables and examination tables of different heights, the patient transport tables and recovery tables are also available in height-adjustable versions.


Patient transport tables, height-adjustable by electric motor

As an alternative to the hydraulic height-adjustable patient transport tables, patient transport couches with electromotive height adjustments are also available.

Accessories for MRI tables and patient transport tables

For optimal and safer patient transport, we offer a large selection of accessory components and equipment options. These are for:

  • MRI tables : infusion stand, larger castors, paper roll holder, patient belts, all-around edge/impact protection, 
  • Patient transport tables : IV stand, larger castors, storage basket, paper roll holder, patient belts, push handles, all-around edge/impact protection, wall deflector rings in the four corners of the table, and many more.


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