Was die AGA Bestellnummern verraten

About our article numbers

Which product features they reveal

Below we explain which product features you can read in our article numbers.

About our article numbers

and the product information they provide

Our article numbers are built in a way that provides product information or properties at a glance.

For example about the:

  • Type of table (universal table, ECG table, echocardiography table),
  • Frame (lacquered, chrome-plated or stainless steel),
  • Width of the table (650, 800 or 1,000 mm),
  • Height (fixed height or with height adjustment),
  • Type of height adjustment (height adjustment mechanism by hand crank, hydraulic or electric motor).

The letters at the end of the article numbers indicate the type of height adjustment:

  • E      Electric motor,
  • EE    Electric motors,
  • H     Hand crank,
  • Y     Hydraulics.

Some products can be obtained in different (fixed) heights at no extra charge: 650 mm, 700 mm, 750 mm or 800 mm. All heights in mm.


Some of our products are available in different widths. The respective widths can be found in the product descriptions. All widths in mm.

At AGA Sanitätsartikel, the standard widths are 650 mm and 800 mm. A width of 1,000 mm is also available for some products.

Products with other dimensions are possible as variant production, please contact us for additionla information!

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