Röntgentisch mit schwarzem Polster und elektrischer Verstellung

X-ray tables

The X-ray tables from AGA Sanitätsartikel have been specially developed for use in radiology. The use of a C-arm X-ray machine is therefore possible without any problems.

X-ray tables for use with a C-arm X-ray machine

The X-ray tables have been specially developed for use in the field of radiology. Special features of the X-ray tables are the compatible support plate (PE-1000 regenerated plate) and the base frame.

On the upper frame of the X-ray tables from AGA Sanitätsartikel there are black X-ray transparent PE-1000 regenerated panels (polyethylene). These plastic panels are made from pure recycled material and have a long service life. The addition of conductive carbon black makes this plastic antistatic.

Due to the lack of longitudinal bracing at the front of the base frame, the use of an X-ray C-arm is possible without any problems.

The X-ray tables are available in four versions with regard to their electric motor adjustments:

Additionally, these four variants are available:

  • With table widths of 650 mm (support plate 15 mm) and 800 mm (support plate 25 mm),
  • With a continuous table surface or two-piece tabletop, with an adjustable headrest using a grid.

X-ray tables AGA-POWER-LIFT and AGA-POWER-DUO-LIFT with electric motor adjustments

These two X-ray table models can be adjusted by electric motors in height (AGA-POWER-LIFT) as well as height and inclination (AGA-POWER-DUO-LIFT). The two electric motors are each controlled via a manual switch. In order to carry out the electromotive adjustment, the power plug of the X-ray table must be inserted in a socket.


X-ray tables AGA-AKKU-POWER-LIFT and AGA-AKKU-POWER-DUO-LIFT with battery drives

These two models of our X-ray tables can be adjusted in height (AGA-AKKU-POWER-LIFT) as well as in height and tilt (AGA-AKKU-POWER-DUO-LIFT) using battery drives. The two battery drives are controlled via a manual switch as standard. These battery-powered X-ray tables are perfectly suited for use as mobile X-ray tables.


Accessories for X-ray tables

To help getting the best possible X-ray images, we offer an extensive selection of accessory components and equipment features for the X-ray tables from AGA Sanitätsartikel.


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