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Product Variants

Tailoring our products to your individual needs

Product variants in shape and size

As a manufacturer, we are able to adapt some of our products to your individual needs. With us you are not bound to the usual standard dimensions. Is a table needed for a tight space, for example? No problem. With us you can get products that will meet your wishes regarding length, height or width.

Due to the modular system, even unusual design requests can be implemented in our company, of course taking into account all legal standards and regulations.

Please bear in mind that these products are type variants with no right of return.

Products we have built for our customers

  • Universal tables in special lengths, widths and heights.
  • Patient transport tables with wall deflector rings in the four corners of the table or all-around edge/impact protection.
  • Multi-function and operating tables with one-piece leg section.
  • Echocardiography tables with an additional echo-cutout, arranged diagonally.
  • X-ray tables with attachable table extension.
  • Recovery tables with removable side rails (instead of rotating).
  • Products combining different upholstery colours (e.g. red headrest, blue main surface).
  • Wall-mounted tables to be folded up vertically and horizontally, underside of upholstery segment covered with imitation leather.
  • Control of electrically adjustable products via two hand or foot switches (operation possible from both sides).
  • Blood donation tables with movable armrests.
  • Universal tables with head section adjustments using a grid, stepless clamping rod mechanism, gas pressure spring or electric motor,
  • Echocardiography tables with sliding back support,
  • Blood collection chairs and universal tables with brackets for attaching to the floor,
  • Products with synthetic leather upholstery material provided by the customer,
  • Universal tables, folding tables, tilting tables with one-piece, continuous tabletop surface,
  • Upholstery pads without fixing straps (hook and loop fasteners),
  • Mobile tables with four lockable castors (instead of two),
  • Transfusion couches with IV stands,
  • Swivel stools and chairs with soft double castors for hard floors, standard hard double castors for soft floors,
  • Wall-mounted tables with wall brackets down to the floor,
  • Patient transport tables with push handles,
  • Universal tables with continuous headrest adjustment up to approx. 75°.

Variant production on customer request

Contact our team of experts - we will be happy to help design and build the perfect product for you.

The photo shows the MRI patient transport table, Article-No.: AWL-3065/VA, as a product variant, with paper roll holder bar at the foot end and all-around edge/impact protection.

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