Phlebologieliegen und Kipptische mit elektrischen Höhenverstellungen und Neigungsverstellungen

Phlebology Tables and Tilt Tables

Phlebology tables and tilt tables, for modern clinics, practices and therapy facilities.

Phlebology tables and tilt tables with electric adjustments

The phlebology tables and tilt tables from AGA Sanitätsartikel provide the optimal basis for the examination and treatment requirements:

  • In sclerotherapy (sclerotherapy or sclerotherapy) to close vascular diseases. For example, in cases of phlebitis, varicose veins (varicosities) in the legs, oesophagus and anus (hemorrhoids),
  • In neurology and cardiology, in heart diseases and in primary circulatory disorders. For example, with the tilt test (assessment of blood pressure adjustment when the patient changes position),
  • For patient mobilization in neurology, surgery, physiotherapy and orthopedics as well as for head or back injured or paraplegic patients.

The aim in developing the phlebology tables and tilt tables was to relieve the burden on doctors and assistants and to ensure rapid treatment of patients through the electric adjustment options (in height and inclination), the specially-designed accessories and the easy handling.

The phlebology tables AGA-PHLEBO-LIFT and AGA-PHLEBO-MAT are available with a two-piece and three-piece upholstered tabletop. The vein treatment tables with the two-piece upholstered tabletop were developed specifically for the requirements of phlebology and dermatology. While the three-piece phlebology tables can also be converted into a gynaecology, rectoscopy or proctology examination chair in a few seconds and with just a few simple steps.

The neurology and cardiology tilt tables are available without or with an echo cutout integrated into the tabletop surface upholstery.

Thanks to their upholstery width (available in 800 and 1,000 mm), the therapeutic tilt tables/standing boards can be used for various therapeutic measures in neurology, surgery, physiotherapy and orthopedics.

Phlebology tables with two- and three-piece upholstered tabletop

The phlebology tables are available with a two- and three-part upholstered structure as well as with electric tilt adjustment or electric height and tilt adjustments.

  • 2-piece upholstered tabletop and with electric height and inclination adjustments, AGA-PHLEBO-LIFT, Article No.: VEKO-1060/EE
  • 2-piece upholstered tabletop and with electric tilt adjustment, AGA-PHLEBO-MAT, Article No.: VEKO-1062/E
  • 3-piece upholstered tabletop and with electric height and inclination adjustments, AGA-PHLEBO-LIFT, Article No.: VEKO-1060/3EE
  • 3-piece upholstered tabletop and with electric tilt adjustment, AGA-PHLEBO-MAT, Article No.: VEKO-1062/3E

Cardiology tilt tables for heart examination

The 2-piece phlebology tables have been expanded so that they can also be used in cardiology, one of the most important technical non-invasive examination methods of the heart.

The cardiology tilt tables are available without and with an echo cutout as well as with electric tilt adjustment or electric motorized height and tilt adjustments.

  • Without echo cutout and with electric height and inclination adjustments, AGA-KARDIO-LIFT, Article No.: KT-1060/EE.
  • Without echo cutout and with electric tilt adjustment, AGA-KARDIO-MAT, Article No.: KT-1062/E.
  • With echo cutout and with electric height and inclination adjustments, AGA-EKA-LIFT, Article No.: EKAT-1060/EE.
  • With echo cutout and with electric tilt adjustment, AGA-EKA-MAT, Article No.: EKAT-1062/E​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.


Therapy tilt tables with a versatile range of use

The therapy tilt tables, also known as standing boards, can be used for various therapy methods. Among other things, they enable the patient to be raised up continuously from the shock or lying position to the almost vertical position. These models are therefore ideal for the treatment of neurological diseases as well as head and back injuries or paraplegic patients.

The therapy tilt tables are available in two widths:

Accessories for phlebology tables and tilt tables

In order to provide users with optimal examination and therapy conditions, also regarding patient positioning, we offer an extensive selection of accessory components and equipment features. These can usually be adapted to the surgical standard rails (dimensions 25 x 10 mm, made of CrNi steel) which are included in the scope of delivery of the phlebology tables and tilt tables.

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