AGA Gymnastikliege nach Bobath, H-Bobath/E 120

Bobath gymnastics tables

The gymnastics tables / Bobath tables are used in the therapeutic and nursing areas and provide the patient with the best possible support during the rehabilitation phase.

Bobath gymnastics tables

The Bobath gymnastics tables are an aid in the “Bobath concept”, which is used successfully worldwide and is used to rehabilitate people with diseases of the central nervous system. These are often accompanied by movement disorders, symptoms of paralysis and spasticity. A special table makes the treatments and therapeutic measures easier.

In order to simplify these individual and everyday therapeutic activities for patients and users, the Bobath tables from AGA Sanitätsartikel are all equipped with a height adjustment mechanism as follows:

  • Manual (hand crank), Article No.: H-Bobath/H 110,
  • Hydraulics, Article No.: H-Bobath/Y 110, H-Bobath/Y 120 and H-Bobath/Y 160,
  • Electric motor, Article No.: H-Bobath/E 110, H-Bobath/E 120 and H-Bobath/E 160.

In addition, the Bobath gymnastics tables are available in three widths, 1,040 mm, 1,200 mm and 1,600 mm.


  • In order to avoid rocking and swinging movements of the lying surface, the gymnastics tables are manufactured with a 200 mm stroke and precision double square profiles.
  • The Bobath tables with scissor adjustment mechanisms are characterized by the large adjustment range (420 mm) and the resulting low entry height (525 mm).
  • The manual height adjustment is done with a hand crank using maintenance-free gear with an optimal transmission ratio (i = 10mm/rev) for smooth, quick and easy operation, without much effort, even with heavier patients (up to 200 kg). After use, the crank handle can be pushed back under the tabletop.
  • The hydraulic height adjustment is operated via the built-in foot pump. The height adjustment can of course also be carried out with heavier patients (up to 200 kg) without any major effort. In order to be able to operate the hydraulics from both sides, it is possible to install an additional foot lever. This is available for an additional charge (Article No.: FPH-10).
  • The electric motor height adjustment is controlled via a foot switch (alternatively - at no extra charge - via a hand switch) and can of course also be done with heavier patients (up to 200 kg). The electric drive used is maintenance-free and extremely quiet. The adjustment system is equipped with a key lock. Motor connection values: 230V, 50/60 Hz., 3.7A, 850W, IPX4, v=11mm/s, 10,000N.
  • The stability and robustness is achieved by the gusset plates in the frame corners.
  • The 70 mm thick, one-piece and continuous comfort padding offers the patient a high level of comfort. As standard, it is equipped with 2-layer foam cuts with different thicknesses in terms of density - which also enclose the wooden support panel on the side (20 mm thick) - and is covered with high-quality synthetic leather.
  • The 1,600 mm wide Bobath gymnastics have a seam in the middle of the upholstered cover.

Technical data

 Bobath tables with precision double square profiles
Article numberH-Bobath/H 110 H-Bobath/Y 110H-Bobath/E 110
Length1,940 mm
Width1,040 mm
Height adjustment650 - 850 mm 
(hand crank)
650 - 850 mm
650 - 850 mm 
(electric motor)
Upholstery segments1 section
Upholstery thickness70 mm
Load capacity200 kg
 Bobath tables with scissor adjustments
Article numberH-Bobath/Y 120H-Bobath/Y 160H-Bobath/E 120H-Bobath/E 160
Length1,940 mm
Width1,200 mm1,600 mm1,200 mm1,600 mm
Height adjustment525 – 945 mm
525 – 945 mm
(electric motor)
Upholstery segments1 section
Upholstery thickness70 mm
Load capacity200 kg
The standard configuration includes:
  • Levelling feet on the chrome-plated crossbars of the Bobath tables with precision double square profiles.
  • Floor protectors (clip-on caps) on the four adjustable feet of the Bobath tables with scissor adjustments.

We offer the coloured lacquer coating of the frames as standard in the following three shades (see frame colour selection card):

  • light grey (RAL 7035)
  • white aluminum (RAL 9006)
  • pure white (RAL 9010).

The high quality finish has a glossy look. It is disinfectant resistant and easy to clean.

Other colours are of course also available. Please let us know the desired RAL colour so that we can find out the corresponding additional costs. Please note, however, that these products are then considered type variants with no right of return. 

The artificial leather covers we use are characterized by their tear resistance, durability, longevity and their good cleaning properties as well as their resistance to disinfectants.

We use a (colour) selection from the synthetic leather covers VOWAled Pisa (Vowalon). The colour selection card can be found here.

In addition, we offer you the service of manufacturing the upholstery in other colours or from other synthetic leather manufacturers (type variant). After prior agreement, please send us the relevant references.

The black electrically conductive synthetic leather cover (with equipotential bonding socket on the frame) is available at an additional cost. It is already included in the price of the operating tables and multifunction tables.

Image galleries

The photos show the Bobath gymnastics table, Article No.: H-Bobath/E 120, in the colours:

  • Frame: light grey RAL 7035,
  • Upholstery: black.

The photo shows the Bobath gymnastics table, Article No.: H-Bobath/H 110, in the colours:

  • Frame: light grey RAL 7035,
  • Upholstery: atoll.

Accessories & additional options

Article No.



Foot pedal, with transmission shaft and connecting piece. This allows the hydraulic height adjustment to be operated from both sides.


Semi-circular roll, foam filling, dimensions Ø 200 x 400 mm, sewn from synthetic leather, with zipper, see upholstery colours.
KKM-16Head wedge, foam filling, dimensions 450 x 400 x 80 / 10 mm (L x W x H), sewn from synthetic leather, with zipper, see upholstery colours.
LR/Z-125Central locking castor system, double swivel castors Ø 125 mm,  all four castors offer excellent rolling properties and are connected to each other by rods, foot pedals are arranged diagonally at the head and foot end, easy to operate and with coloured markings (green = table ready for moving, red = table locked in place). Retrofitting is not possible.


Knee roll, dimensions Ø 180 x 560 mm.
Neck roll, dimensions Ø 140 x 400 mm.
Round roll, foam filling, sewn from synthetic leather, with zipper, see upholstery colours.

Product variants

As a manufacturer, we are able to adapt our products to your individual needs. Below, you will find examples of customer-specific requests we have implemented.

The photos show the electric height-adjustable Bobath gymnastics table, Article No.: H-Bobath/E 110, in the colours:

  • Frame: pure white RAL 9010,
  • Upholstery: yellow

as well as the additional accessories and equipment components:

  • Set of castors, Ø 125 mm, Article No.: LR-125, for table height 650 – 850 mm.

The photos show the electric height-adjustable Bobath gymnastics table, Article No.: H-Bobath/E 120, in the colours:

  • Frame: light grey RAL 7035,
  • Upholstery: light blue

as well as the additional accessories and equipment components:

  • Mobile base on retractable castors, Ø 75 mm, Article No.: LR/F-75,
  • Removable side guards (2 pc.), Article No.: SG-1000.

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Product videos

Illustration and operation of the hydraulic height adjustment on the MRI patient transport table, Article No.: H-AWL 3065/Y 980VA, equipped with infusion stand, Article No.: INF-1720/VA, and paper roll holder, Article No.: P-3050/A, as well as the handling of the side guard using the rotating mechanism and the manoeuvrability of the table.

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