AGA Multifunktionstisch AGA-MULTI-MAT MF-1050/EEE mit Zubehör


Multi-function tables with electric adjustment options

Offering extensive electromotive adjustment options for patient positioning and user handling was of utmost importance in the design of the AGA-MULTI-MAT tables.

AGA-MULTI-MAT Multi-function tables

The multi-function tables of the AGA-MULTI-MAT series from AGA Sanitätsartikel are used in many areas of medicine thanks to the extensive electromotive adjustment options, the ergonomic structure of the tabletop in five sections and the removable upholstered segments, which are covered with electrically conductive synthetic leather (cotton/polyester blend, coating made of 100% PVC compound, biocompatible).

The AGA-MULTI-MAT multi-function tables are available in the following versions:

  • Without lateral adjustment, Article No.: MF-1050/EE,
  • With lateral adjustment, Article No.: MF-1050/EEE.


  • Electric height adjustment from 775 to 975 mm, controlled by foot switch.
  • Electric seat section adjustment -23°/+35°, controlled by foot switch.
  • Manually contibuously adjustable headrest (using a clamping rod mechanism), back and leg sections (each using gas pressure springs).
  • Table surface divided into five sections for optimal and safe patient positioning.
  • Upholstery segments, thickness 64 mm, removable via plug connections, electrically conductive, biocompatible, colour black.
  • The base, which is equipped with a potential equalization socket and levelling feet, offers high stability.
  • Standard surgical rails (25 x 10 mm) on the outside of the frame of the back, seat and leg sections, for attaching accessory components such as armrests, anesthesia pole, leg holders, etc.
  • Motor connection values:
    • Height adjustment: 230V, 50/60 Hz., 3.7A, 850W, IPX4, v=11mm/s, 10,000N, adjustment system with key lock,
    • Seat adjustment: 230V, 50/60 Hz., 3.7A, 850W, IPX4, v=11mm/s, 10,000N, adjustment system with key lock,
    • Lateral adjustment: 230V, 50/60 Hz., 3.7A, 850W, IPX4, v=11mm/s, 10,000N, adjustment system with key lock.

Technical data

Article numberMF-1050/EE MF-1050/EEE
Head to foot sections
1,900 mm
295 / 575 / 360 / 520 mm
Width500 mm (560 mm with standard rails)
Height adjustment775 - 975 mm (electric motor)
Upholstery segments5 sections
Synthetic leatherElectrically conductive, black
Upholstery thickness64 mm
Load capacity150 kg
Trendelenburg adjustment
Anti-Trendelenburg adjustment
Headrest adjustment-30°/+20° (clamping rods)
Back section adjustment-23°/+45° (gas pressure spring)
Seat section adjustment-23°/+35° (electric motor)
Leg section spread-20° (electric motor)
Leg section adjustment-90°/0° (separate, gas pressure springs)
The standard configuration includes:
  • Standard surgical rails on the outside of the frame of the back, seat and leg sections, dimensions 25 x 10 mm, made of stainless steel, for attaching accessory components such as armrests, anesthesia sheets, leg holders, etc.
  • A base equipped with a potential equalization socket and levelling feet.

We offer the coloured lacquer coating of the frames as standard in the following three shades (see frame colour selection card):

  • light grey (RAL 7035)
  • white aluminum (RAL 9006)
  • pure white (RAL 9010).

The high quality finish has a glossy look. It is disinfectant resistant and easy to clean.

Other colours are of course also available. Please let us know the desired RAL colour so that we can find out the corresponding additional costs. Please note, however, that these products are then considered type variants with no right of return. 

The electrically conductive MEDISTAT (Cotting Group / Griffine) synthetic leather cover we use is especially suitable for medical use and is available in the colour black. The MEDISTAT synthetic leather consists of a cotton/polyester blend and a coating of 100% PVC compound. It is characterized by its tear resistance, durability, longevity and good cleaning properties as well as its resistance to disinfectants. More information about the composition and cleaning and care of MEDISTAT synthetic leather can be found here.

The black electrically conductive imitation leather cover (with equipotential bonding socket on the frame) is included in the price for the operating theater and multifunction tables. For the other products, it is available at an additional cost.
The delivery of the operating tables with NON-conductive synthetic leather covers with different colours (see upholstery colours) is also possible. The tables are then custom-made with no right of return.

We also offer the option of having the upholstery done in other colours or brands of synthetic leather. The corresponding materials should be sent to us, subject to prior arrangement. Please talk to us!


Image galleries

To feature the many adjustment options of the AGA-MULTI-MAT multi-function table, we are showing the photos over two separate galleries.

The photos in this and the adjacent image gallery show the electric adjustable multi-function table AGA-MULTI-MAT, Article No.: MF-1050/EEE, in the colours:

  • Frame: light grey RAL 7035, 
  • Upholstery: black, electrically conductive

as well as the additional accessories and equipment components:

  • Central locking castor system, Article No.: LR/Z-50.

Accessories & additional options

To attach additional equipment components (accessories), equipment rails (dimensions 25 x 10 mm, made of CrNi steel), also known as standard surgical rails, are found on the outside of the frame of the back, seat and leg sections.

Article No.

A-2047Arm support, swivel-mounted, black PU-foam arm shell, dimensions approx. 400 x 120 mm (L x W), with 2 Velcro fasteners to secure the arm to the shell, chrome-plated holder with attachment for standard rail.
AHT-3065Arm and hand surgery table, made of CrNi steel, height adjustable approx. 700 - 1,135 mm, with floor support, black conductive upholstery, dimensions approx. 650 x 250 mm (L x W), with fastening clamp for standard rail.
BEFE-60Leg restraints (pair), with Velcro fastenings around the leg section(s) of the table, fixation of the legs using straps with Velcro closures.
BHG-600Göpel leg rests (pair), with spherical joints, rods with two 90° bends, chrome-plated, Ø 18 mm, black PU-foam shells. A pair of fastening clamps for standard rails is required.
BKG-600Göpel fastening clamps (pair), adjustable, chrome-plated, for standard rails.
IT-3060Instrument table, made of CrNi steel, dimensions approx. 600 x 400 mm (L x W), side raised edge 15 mm, mounting rod Ø 18 mm. A fastening clamp for standard rail is required.
NB-30640Anesthesia pole, made of CrNi steel, pole length 640 mm, Ø 18  mm. A fastening clamp for standard rail is required.
SG-1000/BKSide guard, removable, dimensions approx. 800 x 250 mm (L x H), with fastening clamp for standard rail.

The equipment components mentioned above are just a small excerpt. The following accessories are also available for the multi-function tables: hand restraints, ring armrests, body belt, side or shoulder holder, side support, IV stand and leg holders.

More accessories

Product variants

As a manufacturer, we are able to adapt our products to your individual needs. Below, you will find examples of customer-specific requests we have implemented.

It is possible to outfit the multi-function table, for example, with a leg section in one piece or a different coloured synthetic leather cover. We will be pleased to provide further pricing information upon request.

Questions? Contact us today!

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Product videos

Standard rails OPS-170/AExternal Video (youtube)

Illustration of the standard surgical rails, Article No.: OPS-170/A.

stufenlose Kopfteilverstellung bei einer Echo-Kardiographieliege
Echocardiography table EKA-1065/AAExternal Video (youtube)

Illustration and operation of the continuous headrest adjustment by clamping rod mechanism, Article No.: EKA-1065/AA.

elektromotorische Höhenverstellung bei der Untersuchungsliege
Height adjustment up and downExternal Video (youtube)

Illustration of the electric height adjustment of the examination table, Article No.: H-U 1065/E. The adjustment system has a button lock that is deactivated with a double tap.

Illustration of the electric pelvic elevation of the urology examination chair AGA-URO-MAT, Article No.: UUS-3060/EEE, equipped with a pair of ring armrests, Article No.: RL-2060. The parallel gyroscopic sink, which ensures a high level of splash protection even in the uppermost position, can also be seen here.

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