Operationstische, Multifunktionstische von AGA mit schwarzer leitfähiger Polsterung

Operating tables and multi-function tables

The range of operating tables and multi-function tables from AGA Sanitätsartikel offers solutions for different requirements.

Operating tables and multi-function tables with versatile accessories

The multi-purpose operating tables and multi-function tables offer versatile positioning options and are therefore just as suitable for general surgery as for specialty fields and outpatient departments. You can rely on the quality made in Germany.

Operating tables

The operating tables AGA-JUS and AGA-OP-POWER-MAT and AGA-OP-POWER-MAT-GYN can be used multifunctionally with their 5-section upholstery structure.

The operating table AGA-JUS, Article No.: JUS-2000, is a mobile and, with its versatile positioning options, an economical, multi-purpose operating table. It ensures optimal and safe patient positioning. Due to the type of construction (maintenance-free, hydraulic height adjustment via foot pump), the AGA-JUS is independent of an energy source.

The operating table AGA-OP-POWER-MAT, Article No.: MP-1050/5Y and MP-3050/5Y, is a further evolution of our electrically height-adjustable multi-function tables AGA-POWER-MAT, Article No.: MP-1050/5E and MP-3050/5E. With the AGA-OP-POWER-MAT, the table height is adjusted via maintenance-free hydraulics using a foot pump. Due to this mechanical adjustment device, the AGA-OP-POWER-MATs can also be operated independently of an energy source.

The operating table AGA-OP-POWER-MAT has been further developed into an even more efficient and therefore more economical multi-purpose operating table. Accordingly, different equipment components are available. Due to the leg sections that can be spread or removed on the operating tables, Article No.: MP-1050/5YGYN and MP-3050/5YGYN, and with the optionally available accessories, they are especially suitable for the field of gynaecology.

Multi-function tables with electric adjustments

The multi-function tables AGA-MULTI-MAT, AGA-POWER-MAT and AGA-POWER-MAT-GYN are equipped with electric motors for height adjustment. Besides, with the AGA-MULTI-MAT, the seat/leg section adjustment and optionally also the lateral adjustment can be controlled by an electric motor using a foot switch.

When designing the AGA-MULTI-MAT, Article No.: MF-1050/EE and MF-1050/EEE, offering extensive electromotive adjustment options for patient positioning and operator handling was of utmost importance. The AGA-MULTI-MAT can therefore be used in numerous areas of medicine.

On the AGA-POWER-MAT, Article No.: MP-1050/5E and MP-3050/5E,  all upholstery sections are manually adjustable. This type of construction results in a very competitive price for the AGA-POWER-MAT. The AGA-POWER-MAT multi-function tables are designed for different areas of application and types of examinations. Accordingly, a wide range of equipment components are available.

The AGA-POWER-MAT (Article No.: MP-1050/5EGYN and MP-3050/5EGYN) are especially suitable for the field of gynaecology.

Accessories for operating and multi-function tables

We offer a wide selection of accessories for the operating and multi-function tables, for different areas of application and types of examinations.

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