AGA-DUO-LIFTO-MED Multifunktionsliege H-U 2065/3EE

AGA-UNI-MED and AGA-DUO-LIFTO-MED Multi-function examination tables

The all-rounder! Multi-function examination tables with electric height and tilt adjustment and extensive accessories.

AGA-UNI-MED and AGA-DUO-LIFTO-MED multi-function examination tables with electric adjustments

The multi-function examination tables AGA-UNI-MED, Article No.: A-2065/EE, and AGA-DUO-LIFTO-MED, Article No.: H-U 2065/3EE, are equipped with two electric motors that control and adjust the height and inclination of the upholstered frame. The three upholstery segments enable optimum patient positioning thanks to their wide range of adjustment options.

The 1,720 mm long standard rails, which are located on the side of the chrome-plated upholstered frame, allow not only the accessories included in the scope of delivery to be fitted, but also other equipment and accessory components.

The multi-function examination tables from AGA Sanitätsartikel are suitable not only for general medical practices but also for surgical, gynaecology, proctology and rectoscopy practices as well as hospitals and medical facilities.


  • The height and tilt adjustments are controlled by an electric motor. Precision double square guides are installed in the height adjustment mechanism of the AGA-UNI-MED.
  • The maintenance-free and extremely quiet electric drives used in the AGA-UNI-MED are controlled by foot switches (alternatively - at no extra charge - by hand switches). The adjustment systems are equipped with key locks. Motor connection values (each): 230V, 50/60 Hz, 3.7A, 850W, IPX4, v=11mm/s, 10,000N.
  • The two lifting columns (low-voltage electric drives) of the AGA-DUO-LIFTO-MED, which are characterized by their smooth running, are made of anodized light metal. They are controlled by a transformer and operated by a handset with six buttons. The hand control is multitasking, allowing simultaneous height and tilt adjustment. Motor connection values (each): 230V, 50/60Hz, 6.0A, 240W, IPX6, v=16mm/s, 2 x 1,000N.
  • Adjustment of Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg positions.
  • The stability and robustness is achieved by the gusset plates in the frame corners.
  • A high level of stability is ensured by the wide projection of the base frame, which is fitted with levelling feet.
  • The upholstered frame is chrome-plated. The base frame of the AGA-UNI-MED is also chrome-plated and that of the AGA-DUO-LIFTO-MED is lacquered blank steel.
  • A pair of standard rails, made of stainless steel, dimensions 25 x 10 mm, length 1,720 mm, are attached to the side of the upholstered frame to hold accessory components.
  • The thickness of each of the three upholstery segments (head, middle and foot sections) is 64 mm.
  • There are cutouts in the upholstery and upholstery frame at the foot end, where the stainless steel tray included in the scope of delivery, dimensions 300 x 200 x 65 mm (L x W x H) is located.
  • Adjustment of the head, middle and foot sections is continuous. They are locked in place using clamping handles with clamping rod mechanisms.

Technical details

Article numberA-2065/EEH-U 2065/3EE
Head/back/foot section
1,900 mm
500 / 1.050 / 350 mm


650 mm (710 mm with standard rails)
Height adjustments650 - 850 mm (electric motor)600 - 850 mm (electric motors)
Upholstery segments3 sections
Upholstery thickness64 mm
Head section adjustment+40° (clamping rods)
Back section adjustment+30° (gas pressure spring)
Foot section adjustment+30° (clamping rods)
Trendelenburg adjustment25° (electric motor)15° (electric motors)
Anti-Trendelenburg adjustment25° (electric motor)15° (electric motors)
Load capacity200 kg150 kg

In the above table, the term 'frame' only refers to the upholstered tabletop frame. On the AGA-UNI-MED, the base frame is chrome-plated and the sheet metal panelling is lacquered. The base frame of the AGA-DUO-LIFTO-MED is lacquered.

The standard version includes:
  • A pair of standard rails attached to the side of the upholstered frame.
  • A pair of leg holders with plastic shells.
  • A pair of fastening clamps.
  • Cutouts in the foot section and upholstery frame.
  • A stainless steel tray with holder.
  • A paper roll holder attached to the head end of the upholstered frame.
  • A floor frame with levelling feet.
  • The foot or hand switches.

We offer the coloured lacquer coating of the frames as standard in the following three shades (see frame colour selection card):

  • light grey (RAL 7035)
  • white aluminum (RAL 9006)
  • pure white (RAL 9010).

The high quality finish has a glossy look. It is disinfectant resistant and easy to clean.

Other colours are of course also available. Please let us know the desired RAL colour so that we can find out the corresponding additional costs. Please note, however, that these products are then considered type variants with no right of return. 

The artificial leather covers we use are characterized by their tear resistance, durability, longevity and their good cleaning properties as well as their resistance to disinfectants.

We use a (colour) selection from the synthetic leather covers VOWAled Pisa (Vowalon). The colour selection card can be found here.

In addition, we offer you the service of manufacturing the upholstery in other colours or from other synthetic leather manufacturers (type variant). After prior agreement, please send us the relevant references.

The black electrically conductive synthetic leather cover (with equipotential bonding socket on the frame) is available at an additional cost. It is already included in the price of the operating tables and multifunction tables.

Image galleries

The photos show the multi-function examination table AGA-UNI-MED, Article No.: A-2065/EE, in the colours:

  • Frame: light grey RAL 7035,
  • Upholstery: rosewood.

The photos show the multi-function examination table AGA-DUO-LIFTO-MED, Article No.: H-U 2065/3EE, in the colours:

  • Frame: pure white RAL 9010,
  • Upholstery: blue.

Accessories & additional options

Article No.


Arm support, swivel-mounted, black PU-foam arm shell, dimensions approx. 400 x 120 mm (L x W), with 2 Velcro fasteners to secure the arm to the shell, chrome-plated holder with attachment for standard rail.

BHG-600Göpel leg rests (pair), with spherical joints, rods with two 90° bends, chrome-plated, Ø 18 mm, black PU-foam shells, includes straps sewn from synthetic leather with Velcro closure to secure the legs to the shells. A pair of fastening clamps for standard rails is required.
BKG-600Göpel fastening clamps (pair), for standard rails (dimensions 25 x 10 mm), chrome-plated, for leg holder rods Ø 18 mm. The leg holders can be adjusted in height and tilt using toothed rings and secured with a clamping mechanism.

Face cut-out in the headrest, oval, dimensions approx. 205 x 105 mm (L x W). Retrofitting is not possible.
Upholstery insert for closing the face opening, oval, dimensions approx. 200 x 100 mm (L x W), see upholstery colours


Infusion holder, stainless steel, infusion rod 1,700 mm long, with 4 hooks, includes a fastening clamps for standard rail.


Instrument table, stainless steel, dimensions approx. 600 x 400 mm (L x W),  side raised edge 15 mm, mounting rod Ø 18 mm, fastening clamps for standard rail required.

Set of castors, Ø 75 mm.
Set of castors, Ø 125 mm.
Four swivel castors, two castors are completely lockable.

Central locking castor system, double swivel castors Ø 125 mm, all four castors offer excellent rolling properties and are connected to each other by rods, foot pedals are arranged diagonally at the head and foot end, easy to operate and with coloured markings (green = table ready for moving, red = table locked in place). Retrofitting is not possible.

The components listed above are only a small selection. The following accessories are also available: hand restraints, body belt, positioning aids, anesthesia pole, ring armrests, rectoscopy roll, side guards, shoulder/side support, side support.


Product variants

As a manufacturer, we are able to adapt our products to your individual needs. Below, you will find examples of customer-specific requests we have implemented.

The photos show the multi-function examination table AGA-DUO-LIFTO-MED, Article No.: H-U 2065/3EE, with 800 mm upholstery width and 85 mm upholstery thickness, in the colours:

  • Frame: light grey RAL 7035,
  • Upholstery: ice

as well as the additional accessories and equipment components:

  • Pair of Göpel leg rests, Article No.: BHG-600, instead of the leg rests with plastic shells (Article No.: BH-2511),
  • Pair of Göpel fastening clamps, Article No.: BKG-600, instead of the standard fastening clamps (Article No.: BKO-2522).

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Product videos

Illustration of the electric tilt adjustment for the AGA-UNI-MED multi-function examination table, Article No.: A-2065/EE.

Standard rails OPS-170/AExternal Video (youtube)

Illustration of the standard surgical rails, Article No.: OPS-170/A.

stufenlose Kopfteilverstellung bei einer Echo-Kardiographieliege
Echocardiography table EKA-1065/AAExternal Video (youtube)

Illustration and operation of the continuous headrest adjustment by clamping rod mechanism, Article No.: EKA-1065/AA.

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