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Therapeutic Tilt Tables / Standing Boards

The tilt tables/standing boards KT-1080/EE and KT-10100/EE can be used for many different treatment methods. They are particularly suitable for the treatment of neurologically-ill and head, back or spinal cord injury patients.

In order to provide the patient with the physical and mental security required for the treatment, a combination of cut-out in the foot section and extra large, removable footrest was specially developed for these tilt tables. 


The electric height and tilt adjustments are controlled by two maintenance-free and ultra-quiet motors.

  • The height adjustment 520 - 960 mm is done using a pneumatic foot switch. The motor is equipped with a safety lock-box. Drive specifications 230V, 50/60Hz, 3,7A, 850W, IP55, v=14mm/s, 7000N.
  • The tilt adjustment 0 - 90° is done using a pneumatic hand switch. The built-in angle indicator (protractor) ensures quick and precise reading of the tilting angle. Drive specifications 230V, 50/60Hz, 1,8A, 360W, IP55, v=7mm/s, 10000N.

The headrest is adjustable by grid up to +35°. The upholstery thickness is 64 mm.

Therapy tilt tables for safe patient positioning

The listed prices for both therapy tilt tables include:

  • a pair of standard side rails (length 1560 mm)
  • a mobile base on retractable castors controlled by a foot pedal (castors Ø 75mm)
  • a built-in protractor (angle indicator) for quick and precise reading of the tilt angle
  • a removable footrest (320 x 800/1000 mm, LxW)
  • a safety lock-box
  • the hand and foot switches.

To meet the needs of different treatment methods, the following accessories are available:

  • Armrests (set of two) - Article No. RL-2060, dimensions ca. 340 x 270 x 45 mm (LxWxH).

  • Patient strapping belt - Article No. PG-260, to ensure safe positioning of the patient on the phlebology table (Dimensions approx. 2600 x 250 mm, LxW) 

  • Paper roll holder - Article No. P-2080/A (for table width 800 mm), P-20100/A (for table width 1000 mm)

P-2080/A, P-20100/A
P-2080/A, P-20100/A

Therapeutic Tilt Tables - Overview

  • Height and tilt adjustment mechanism - electric with foot or hand switch
  • Height adjustment range 520 - 960 mm
  • Width - 800 mm / 1000 mm
  • Length - 1900 mm (head section 500 mm, main section 1400 mm)
  • Removable footrest
  • Built-in protractor
  • Mobility system on retractable castors, Ø 75 mm
  • Maximum load - 130 kg
  • Product weight - 120 kg
  • Frame - lacquered, see Frame Colours
  • Upholstery thickness - 64 mm,  21 Upholstery Colours available
AGA frame colours

  • The colour coating of the frame is available as a standard in three different colours (See colour selection card on the right):

    • light grey (RAL 7035),
    • white aluminium (RAL 9006),
    • pure white (RAL 9010).

  • The high-quality paint has a glossy finish, is easy to clean and resistant to disinfectants.

  • A different colour scheme (special order) is possible at extra charge, and subject to prior arrangements. Please notify us of the desired RAL colour.
AGA upholstery colours
  • The synthetic leathers used for the upholstery of our products, Stamskin® Top (Ferrari) and VOWAled Pisa (Vowalon) are characterized by their tensile strength, durability, longevity, easy cleaning and resistance to disinfectants. There are 21 colours to choose from.

  • We also offer the option of having the upholstery done in other colours or brands of synthetic leather. The corresponding materials should be sent to us after prior arrangement.

  • The electrically conductive (antistatic) synthetic leather upholstery (with earth contact) is available at extra charge (MEDISTAT). It is, however, included in the price for the operation and multi-function tables.
Article Numbers
Article NumberWidth (mm)Height (mm)TiltingMax. load (kg)
KT-1080/EE800520-960 (electric)0°-90° (14 mm/s)130
KT-10100/EE1000520-960 (electric)0°-90° (14 mm/s)130

The corresponding product descriptions and article numbers can also be found in the AGA product catalogue on page 47.

Phlebology tables with 3-pc./2-pc. tabletop, tilt tables for cardiology also available from AGA

VEKO-1060/EE, LR/Z-50
VEKO-1060/EE, LR/Z-50
KT-1060/EE, LR/Z-50, PG-220, WM-30
KT-1060/EE, LR/Z-50, PG-220, WM-30
EKAT-1060/EE, LR/Z-50
EKAT-1060/EE, LR/Z-50

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