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Our Team

The competent, dedicated and experienced staff at AGA Sanitätsartikel will be pleased to help find the best solution to meet your unique needs. Contact us today!

Achim Walter – Geschaeftsleitung
Achim Walter
Guido Hartmann
Jörg Spannuth – Vertrieb
Jörg Spannuth
Sophie Walter - Vertrieb
Sophie Walter
Nathalie Lange – Marketing und Vertrieb
Nathalie Lange
Falk Brundert – Vertrieb
Falk Brundert
Heiko de Fries – Konstruktion und Entwicklung
Heiko de Fries
Zeynep Sarkaya
Zeynep Sarkaya

Managing Director/CEO

Quality Management

Sales & Customer Service

Conception & Development

Our Office Hours

We can be reached by phone at the following times :

  • Monday through Thursday - from 8 am to 4 pm
  • Friday - from 8 am to 1 pm

Please contact us by Email or Fax outside of these opening hours. We will get back to you without delay.

Contact us
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