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Standing Board

For the name standing board, there are as many descriptions as different possible applications. A standing board fulfills not only the known functions of an examination table but also enables the continuously variable raising of the patient from the shock or lying position to the almost vertical position.

The standing board is an essential and versatile piece of equipment for patient mobilization, especially in the specialized fields of neurology, orthopedics, surgery and therapy. It is particularly suitable for the treatment of patients with neurological, head, back or spinal cord injuries. Additionally, the standing boards are used in phlebology (as phlebology table or vein treatment table) and cardiology (for tilt table examination and tilt test).

For different therapeutic applications and fields of use, the standing board is available in three different widths: 620 mm, 800 mm and 1000 mm.

Standing board as phlebology table or as tilt table

The electric motors used by AGA Sanitätsartikel GmbH for electric height adjustment are maintenance-free, spill-proof and ultra-quiet. They are controlled by the physician with a pneumatic foot or hand switch.

The standing board features a two-piece tabletop. The adjustment of the head section is done by grid, or continuously with clamping rod mechanism. All tabletop sections are upholstered as a standard with 2-ply, variable foam density material and high-quality synthetic leather. The upholstery color choice can be made from a wide selection of solid colors, so that each physician or therapist can have the color that looks best in his/her facilities. With AGA Sanitätsartikel GmbH, you can color-coordinate the look of the entire practice. The therapy tables, examination table, and the portable massage table can all feature identical, hygienic upholstery.

KT-1060/EE, LR/Z-50, PG-220, WM-30
EKAT-1060/EE, LR/Z-50

Standing board also available with height adjustment and paper roll holder

Optionally, the standing board (phlebology table and tilt table) is available with electric height adjustment. A paper roll holder can also be ordered at extra charge. Further equipment components available for the standing board include a strapping belt to secure the patient, as well as circular handles (armrests).

Additionnally, a protractor (angle indicator), upholstery insert for the foot cut-out, and central locking castor system are also available for the phlebology tables and tilt tables.

Set up your practice according to your wishes and expectations, our medical furniture and the extensive accessories allow you to individually select the desired equipment. A look at our comprehensive product catalog will help you find the right accessories.

AGA processes stainless steel, electrically conductive synthetic leather and ergonomic foam materials for its high-quality products. In this way, we always guarantee a high quality standard and a long service life of the medical furniture.