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Tailoring our products to your needs

As a manufacturer, we are able to tailor our products to suit your individual needs.

Are you looking for a product in a specific length, height or width? With us you are not limited to the usual standard sizes, but can determine the shape and size you need.

Because of our modular construction system, even unusual design requirements can be met, taking into account all legal standards and regulations.

H-U 1065/Y980

Some products we have custom-built for our customers

  • X-ray tables with insertable table extension
  • Universal Tables in special lengths and widths
  • Tilt tables with a one-piece leg section
  • Echocardiography tables with a second echo cut-out, placed diagonally
  • Universal tables with motorized adjustable headrest
  • Wall-mounted examination tables which can be folded up vertically and horizontally
  • Blood donation chairs with adjustable armrests
  • Universal tables with head adjustment by gas pressure spring
  • Electromotive height-adjustable echocardiography tables with sliding backrest
  • Blood donation chairs with infusion (IV) pole
  • Recovery tables with push handles
  • Universal tables with a continuous head adjustment up to 80°

Contact our team of experts - we will be happy to help design and build the perfect product for you!

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