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Safety Corrective Action for Examination Tables with Electromotive Adjustment and Pneumatic Drives

According to the recent recommendations of the highest state authority and subsequently the BfArM (Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices), examination and treatment tables with electromotive adjustment, which in the past were equipped with a lockbox as a safety device, no longer correspond to the current "state of the art".

Accordingly, we are presenting our safety concept for the examination and treatment tables with pneumatic drives that are already on the market.

Control by foot switch

For the examination and treatment tables, the foot switches which are provided with a protective hood made of stainless steel offer the greatest security, by preventing unintentional activations.

The foot switch is screwed into the hood. Due to the high stability of the hood, it is not possible for it to be damaged by a person's weight load. Therefore, it only allows a deliberate actuation of the foot switch.

The unit price for the protective cover made of brushed stainless steel including the foot switch is available upon request (our standard sales conditions apply).

Please note that examination and treatmen tables with a foot switch may no longer be operated without a safety hood.

new, with protective cover
new, with protective cover

Control by hand switch

The manual controls of the existing examination and treatment tables have a recessed button or a raised border on the side. Please also see the following photo.

hand switch
hand switch

These hand switches must be replaced by foot switches with protective hoods as previously described.

For new product deliveries, the respective hand and/or foot switches control the actuation of the electric motor via electronics (instead of pneumatics). The adjustment system is designed with a key lock which prevents an unintentional starting of the motor just by actuating it. Several commands in sequence are required. More details are provided in the user’s manual that accompanies the product(s). Pneumatically controlled electric drives are no longer manufactured (in Germany). 

We hope to have helped you with this information and will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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