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Product Videos

Discover AGA products and product features in these short video clips!

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Continuous headrest adjustment

Side safety guards (Pivot mechanism)

Central locking castor system LR/Z-50

Standard side rails (to attach accessories)


H-AWL 3065Y/980VA

KT-1060/EE (+LR/Z-50)

KT-1060/EE - Angle indicator


AGA-URO-LIFT - UUS-3060/EEE / Product overview

AGA-URO-LIFT - UUS-3060/EEE / Motorized (electric) seat height adjustment

AGA-URO-LIFT - UUS-3060/EEE / Motorized (electric) backrest adjustment

AGA-URO-LIFT - UUS-3060/EEE / Motorized (electric) pelvic tilt adjustment

AGA-PROKTO-LIFT - PRE-1067/EE - Product presentation

AGA-PROKTO-LIFT - PRE-1067/EE - Seat adjustment


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