Medical Practice Equipment

AGA Sanitätsartikel GmbH is a specialist in medical furniture, examination tables and chairs of all kinds. On our website you will find high-quality furniture, which is ideally suited for the modern, ergonomic and individual medical equipment. Benefit from our wide product range, years of experience and individual production possibilities.

Medical Practice Equipment - Made in Germany

Since 1975, the family-owned and managed company has been developing, manufacturing and distributing medical furniture and accessories for the European market as well the Middle East, as well as  Africa, Australia and Asia.

Made in Germany means that the complete development and production takes place at our location in Löhne and only high-quality materials are used. The CE mark and a certified QM system for medical products according to DIN EN ISO 13485: 2012 confirm the highest level of quality.

Practice furniture - modern and individual

AGA's modern and flexible production technology ensures optimal implementation of all customer requirements - 100 percent service and the best products for our customers.

Almost all upholstery covers and frame are available in a wide variety of different colours. In treatment rooms with a harmonious colour concept, not only the physician, therapist and user will feel good, but also the patients.

Successful treatment or therapy requires an ergonomic, hygienic and professional medical equipment.

Set up your space for the various applications, examinations, treatments, therapies or surgeries, with the appropriate furniture as needed:

  • Treatment tables, patient transport tables,
  • Cardiography, phlebology tables, transfusion, chairs,
  • Universal and multifunction examination tables
  • Massage and therapy tables with positoning aids
  • X-ray, operation and multifunction tables
  • Office, laboratory and swivel chairs
  • Blood  collection and transfusion chairs,
  • Examination chairs,
  • Screens