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Operating Room (OR) Accessories - Instrument Tables, OR Swivel Stools and Chairs

Practical equipment for use in operating rooms and theatres

The instrument tables are made exclusively of stainless steel. They differ in the design of the base and thus also in their load capacity.

The OR swivel stools have  maximum load capacity of 130 kg, a star-shaped base with five legs made of aluminum and a seat upholstered with electrically conductive black synthetic leather. The seat height adjustment is continuous with a chrome-plated gas pressure spring, using a hand lever.

On the OR swivel chairs, the seat has a slight inclination of 3° towards the backrest. The height and tilt-adjustable backrest has a 45mm-thick upholstered pad. The seat height adjustment is continuous with a chrome-plated gas pressure spring, using a hand lever.

The corresponding product descriptions and article numbers for OR accessories can be found in the AGA product catalogue on pages 29-33.


Also available from AGA - Versatile operation and multi-function tables, X-ray tables

The AGA-JUS operation table is an economical multi-function table with numerous patient positioning options. It is designed for use in general surgery, specialized fields as well as outpatient departments.

The AGA-JUS and AGA-OP-POWER-MAT operation tables have been designed to be adjusted without the need for a power source.

The multi-function tables AGA-POWER-MAT and  AGA-MULTI-MAT feature electric motors for the height adjustment. On the AGA-POWER-MAT, all tabletop sections are manually adjustable. This type of construction results in an extremely low price for this table.

The AGA-POWER-LIFT and AGA-POWER-DUO-LIFT tables have been specially developed for use in the X-ray specialty field.

The corresponding product descriptions and article numbers for the X-ray, operation and multi-function tables and their accessories can be found in the AGA product catalogue on pages 16-28 and 33.


AGA-POWER-MAT MP-1050/5E, PU-2049, LR/Z-50
MP-1050/5E, PU-2049, LR/Z-50
RGL-1065/KEE, LR-75
RGL-1065/KEE, LR-75 (H: 650-900 mm)
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