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MRI Patient Transport Tables - Fixed height

These MRI transport tables / universal tables of AGA Sanitätsartikel are intended for use as patient transport tables in the field Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MR or MRI). This is mainly due to the material nature of the products. They are made of very slightly magnetic stainless steel and therefore suitable for many MR systems.


They are compatible with the following Siemens MR systems:

  • 3T : mMR, Prisma, Prisma Fit, Sectra, Skyra, Skyra Fit, Trio, Verio, Verio Dot. 
  • 1,5T : Aera, Amira, Avanto, Avanto Dot, Avanto Fit, Espree, Essenza, Essenza Dot, Sonata, Symphony, Vision.
  • Harmony (1T), Concerto (0,2T), C! (0,35T).

If you are using a different MRI system, please do not hesitate to contact us for further compatibility information.

AGA patient transport tables for MRI - Safe, practical and reliable

  • The MRI transport tables are available with or without side safety rails, and include four smooth-running multi-directional locking castors (Ø 100 mm) that guarantee an effortless patient transport . The MRI tables with side guards include four locking castors.

  • The patient transport tables are available at no additional cost in the heights of 650, 700, 750 and 800 mm for an ergonomic working position. Unless requested otherwise at time of order, the table will be delivered in the standard height of 650 mm.

  • Two-piece tabletop, upholstery thickness of 64 mm.

  • Continuously adjustable headrest (up to +40°) with clamping rod locking mechanism.

Continuous adjustment of the headrest and side guards

AWL-3065/VA, INF-1720/VA
AWL-3065/VA, INF-1720/VA

To ensure safe patient transport, the MRI tables are also available with side safety rails. In order to allow unobstructed access to the patient from either side as required, both side safety rails (800 x 250 mm, LxH) can be moved up or down by a simple twist mechanism

Please pay careful attention to the total width of the tables with the side safety rails: 

  • The MRI table AWL-3065/VA has an overall width of 795 mm, side rails included.
  • The MRI table AWL-3080/VA has an overall width of 975 mm, side rails included.
  • Infusion (IV) pole, Article No. INF-1720/VA, length 1700 mm, with four bottle hooks and table fastening.
  • Paper roll holder, Article No. P-3050/A (for table width 650 mm) or P-3070/A(for table width 800 mm). The paper roll holder will be mounted on the inside of the leg frame at the foot end.

Note: Retrofitting is not possible, or to a very limited extent only.

MRT Liege U-1065/LRVA
AWL-3065/VA, INF-1720/VA
AWL-3065/VA, INF-1720/VA

MRI Patient Transport Tables (fixed height) - Overview

  • Heights - 650 mm / 700 mm  / 750 mm / 800 mm
  • Widths - 650 mm / 800 mm
  • Length - 1900 mm (head section 500 mm, main section 1400 mm)
  • Two-piece tabletop
  • Continuously adjustable headrest +30°, with clamping rod locking mechanism
  • Maximum load - 200 kg
  • Product weight - 40 kg
  • Stainless steel frame
  • 21 Upholstery Colours available
AGA upholstery colours
  • The synthetic leathers used for the upholstery of our products, Stamskin® Top (Ferrari) and VOWAled Pisa (Vowalon) are characterized by their tensile strength, durability, longevity, easy cleaning and resistance to disinfectants. There are 21 colours to choose from.

  • We also offer the option of having the upholstery done in other colours or brands of synthetic leather. The corresponding materials should be sent to us after prior arrangement.

  • The electrically conductive (antistatic) synthetic leather upholstery (with earth contact) is available at extra charge (MEDISTAT). It is, however, included in the price for the operation and multi-function tables.
Article Numbers
Article NumberWidth (mm)Height (mm)
U-3065/LRVA650650, 700, 750, 800
EKG-3080/LRVA800650, 700, 750, 800
AWL-3065/VA650 (795 with side rails)650, 700, 750, 800
AWL-3080/VA800 (975 with side rails)650, 700, 750, 800
INF-1720/VA (IV pole) 1700
P-3050 (Paper roll holder)for 650 mm wide tables
P-3070 (Paper roll holder)for 800 mm wide tables

The corresponding product descriptions and article numbers can also be found in the AGA product catalogue on pages 36-37.

AWL-3065/VA, INF-1720/VA
AWL-3065/VA, INF-1720/VA

MRI patient transport tables also available with hydraulic height adjustment

We have extended our MRI patient transport table product range to add hydraulically height-adjustable versions for extra comfort of use for the patient as well as the medical staff.

MRT-Liege H-AWL 3065/Y 980VA
H-AWL 3065/Y 980VA
H-U 3065/Y 980LRVA
H-U 3065/Y 980LRVA

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