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MRI Patient Transport Tables and MRI Instrument Table

Our range of products intended for use in the field of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI, or MR) includes patient transport tables as well as an instrument table

MR conditional to 3 Tesla

These only slightly magnetic stainless steel stretchers may be used as patient transport tables in an MRI environment (up to 3T) and are available as follows:

and in the widths of 650 and 800 mm.

MRI products versatile in use

MRT-Patiententransportliege H-AWL 3065/Y 980VA mit zwei Seitengittern
H-AWL 3065/Y 980VA
MRT-Patiententransportliege H-U 3065/Y 980LRVA ohne Seitengitter
H-U 3065/Y 980LRVA
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MRI-compatible instrument table

An instrument table is a practical addition to every MRI examination room. Our new instrument table (Article No. MR-IT) is MRI-compatible and can be used with  MRI systems up to 3 Tesla.

The corresponding product descriptions and article numbers for the MRI tables, patient transport tables and instrument table can be found in the AGA product catalogue on pages 28-33.

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