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Massage and Therapy Tables with Positioning Aids

Therapy tables can be found under different names, due to the various application possibilities and treatment methods. The therapy tables can therefore be called treatment tables by some, and by others universal tables, massage tables or gymnastics tables. Still others use the word patient table - but in any case this piece of medical furniture is an important part of the practice equipment. 

These tables - with their positioning aids - have been tailored to the specific needs of physiotherapists-, orthopedists, therapists and chiropractors.

  • Important part of a holistic practice equipment
  • Ergonomic and secure patient positiioning
  • Comfortable and fatigue-free treatments
  • Optimal treatment position
  • Quality made in Germany
H-Bobath/H 110
H-Bobath/H 110

Massage and therapy tables with different adjustment mechanisms

The massage therapy tables are available in fixed height or with three different height adjustment mechanisms. The height adjustment used by AGA Sanitätsartikel can be: 

  • Manual with hand crank, 
  • Hydraulic by foot pump or
  • Electric motor with hand or foot switch. 

A major advantage of the height adjustment mechanisms used is that they are maintenance-free.

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Portable Massage Tables AGA-KOBAFLEX and AGA-MASSAFLEX


Bobath Gymnastics Tables

H-Bobath/E 120
H-Bobath/E 120
H-Bobath/H 110
H-Bobath/H 110

Universal Therapy Tables AGA-THERA

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Benefits and services

For more than 40 years we have been offering modern medical furniture with reliable service and valuable benefits such as:

  • Spare parts delivery for 10 years
  • Individual colour choices
  • Quality management system DIN EN ISO 13485:2016
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A variety of massage and therapy tables

We provide also many other interesting versions of our therapy and massage tables available. These are ideally suited for mobile and stationary applications. These products are therefore available as portable, stationary and mobile versions:

  • The portable massage table KOBAFLEX (KF/C) and MASSAFLEX (MKG) have found their place in the field of sports massage. They are also used during home visits and in physiotherapy practice.
  • The Bobath gymnastics tables are available with a width up to 160 cm.
  • The universal therapy tables AGA-THERA feature specially-split upholstered tabletop sections (thickness 64 mm) and multiple continuous adjustment options.

Massage and therapy tables with comfortable padding

The number of upholstered tabletop sections ranges from one to seven pieces, depending on the model. Similarly, the adjustment of each cushion segments can be done ​​by grid, or continuously with a clamping rod mechanism, gas pressure spring or with an electric motor at extra charge.

All cushions are equipped with 2-ply, different-density foam and covered with high quality synthetic leather. They can be ordered in many different upholstery colours. This way, you can set up your practice according to your desired colour and coordinate all medical furniture directly to each other, for example the treatment table with the swivel stools and swivel chairs or even the massage table with the blood collection chair.

Practical accessories for massage tables

The massage and therapy tables are available in a mobile version with simple castors, a mobility system on retractable castors or a central locking system on four double castors. 

All massage and therapy tables can be equipped with an optinal paper roll holder as well as further components such as positioning aids (AGA product catalogue, page 94).

The corresponding product descriptions and article numbers for the massage and therapy tables can be found in the AGA product catalogue on pages 92-96.

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