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Your table can also be green

White. Hardly any colour connects people more with the medical field. It stands for sterility and purity. And has become a symbol for a whole profession. A similar association applies to green. Not the juicy, full colour that we associate with grass, but the more neutral variant that arises in our mind's eye when we think of operating theatres. With AGA medical furniture, you also have the opportunity to establish yourself in this classic style. Or you choose one of our 20 other colour options.

  • Synthetic leatherette upholstery
  • 21 colour options
  • Easy cleaning
  • Tear-resistant, durable and hard-wearing
  • Resistant to disinfectants

Upholstery colours for everyone

Match the decor of your practice in different colours. Create harmony and reduce visual stimuli that can negatively impact patients. You have the choice of 21 different colour variants. Decide for yourself what you like best.

Synthetic leather upholstery of the highest quality

All our medical furniture is covered with imitation leather. The high-quality material offers the necessary durability, is resistant and insensitive to dirt. It also significantly reduces the risk of allergic reactions, is bio-compatible and flame-retardant.

It is therefore perfect for use in the medical environment. It can be easily cleaned with soapy warm water. Special care measures are not necessary. An additional cleaning with disinfectant is not a problem (according to the list under , ‘Upholstery Care and Maintenance').

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About AGA Sanitätsartikel GmbH

AGA Sanitätsartikel GmbH from Löhne (North western Germany) has been designing and manufacturing medical furniture for hospitals, practices, therapy facilities and clinics since 1975. The quality of the medical products is particularly important to the company, which is characterized by carefully selected materials and expert workmanship for a long service life. The company supplies medical furniture to customers worldwide. Almost all products in the portfolio can be individually adapted to special customer needs.

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