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The practical use of tilt tables and phlebology tables

Pain-free, practical and safe: Tilt tables and phlebology tables are the best choice for use in orthopaedic practices, in the treatment of neurological diseases and in the treatment of paraplegics.

  • Gradual and continuous uprighting of patients
  • Flexible use in cardiology, orthopaedics or neurology
  • Two- and three-piece upholstered tabletop with choice of colour
  • Footboard and ring armrests for safety and stability
  • Electromotive height adjustment (on some models)

Using the pneumatic foot switch, it is possible to bring patients comfortably from a lying posture to a standing one. This is especially helpful for the treatment of neurological disorders that make it difficult or completely impossible to get up without help from others. Even with paralysis caused for example by an accident, this technique may be used. Thanks to the special tables, the therapist has the opportunity to carry out appropriate treatment independently and without assistance.

The perfect mix between comfort and practicality

The operation of the table is done by foot pedal. Thus, the hands remain free for other tasks or to stabilize the patient. The tilt table can be continuously brought into a horizontal position and also tilt beyond this point, which makes a shock position possible. For sufficient stability, lateral handles and a wide footboard are included.

The tilt tables, depending on the selected model, are also adjustable in height. Hidden almost invisibly in the solid base is the hydraulic, which allows continuous adjustment to the appropriate working height. In addition, the tilt tables and phlebology tables can be equipped with castors for easy moving.

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