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Examination Chairs - for gynaecology, urology and proctology

With AGA Sanitätsartikel, you can select from a variety of different examination chairs to pick the perfect chairs for your individual practice or healthcare facility. We offer examination chairs that are tailored to your exact needs - for every application, we have the perfect design in our product range.

GL-1060/EE, ERV, BKG-600, FUS-2000
UUS-3060/EE, BKG-600, BH-2511, RL-2060
RP-1058/E, BKO-2522, RRH-65, RL-2060

In the development, design and manufacturing of our examination chairs, we paid great attention to

  • ergonomics, as is the only way for the user to work without fatigue and for the patient to enjoy a pleasant experience when lying down;
  • functionality, which ensures ease of use and
  • quality, that enables a long product service life.

Besides, the maintenance-free adjustment mechanisms, either manual or electric motor, add to the comfort of use.

Examination chairs in different designs

Thanks to the different designs that are tailored to the different fields of application, you can easily find the best examination chair for your individual practice and treatment rooms.

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for Gynaecology

GL-1060/EE, ERV, BKG-600, FUS-2000
GU-1058/E, BKO-2522, BH-2511, RL-2060
GU-1062/G, RL-2060, BKO-2522, BH-2511

For Urology

UUS-3060/EE, BKG-600, BH-2511, RL-2060
UUS-3058/E, BKG-600, BH-2511, RL-2060

For Proctology and Rectoscopy

PRE-1067/EE, BKG-600, FES-2000
PRE-1067/EE, BKG-600, FES-2000
RPL-1060/EE, BKO-2522, RRH-65
RP-1058/E, BKO-2522, RRH-65, RL-2060

Thanks to the individually adjustable upholstered sections, covered with high quality synthetic leather, you can be sure to provide optimal comfort during treatment for your patients, which is absolutely necessary for a relaxed examination atmosphere.

The individual upholstered sections may be continuously adjusted, independently of each other by gas pressure spring or even more conveniently by an electric motor.

To ensure that your new examination chair is seamlessly integrated into the existing practice furniture and equipment and helps present a coherent overall image, we offer you a wide selection of frame and upholstery colours.

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Benefits and services

For more than 40 years we have been offering modern medical furniture with reliable service and valuable benefits such as:

  • Spare parts delivery for 10 years
  • Individual colour choices
  • Quality management system DIN EN ISO 13485:2016
More information

Examination chairs offer a high degree of mobility

Through a central locking castor system, the AGA examination chairs offer a high degree of mobility.

Take the opportunity to select optional accessories (priced separately) precisely according to your personal requirements. The many practical components will facilitate you daily tasks to a great extent. You may select, among others:

  • Leg rests with plastic shells, Göpel leg rests and mounting clamps
  • Stirrups, Footrests
  • Colposcope holders for use with Leisegang and Kaps colposcopes or with Zeiss and Olympus colposcopes
  • Leg or knee plate, rectoscopy bolster, ring-shaped armrests
  • Central locking castor system.

The product descriptions and illustrations for the examination chairs and corresponding accessories can be found in the AGA product catalogue on pages 72-83.

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