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Drawer Units and Multi-Purpose Cart

Drawer Units and Mobile Drawer Units

All drawer units and mobile drawer units are equipped with two (Article No. ending in /2) or three (Article No. ending in  /3) drawers and have a 10 mm raised edge on three sides.

The body of the units and the drawer fronts are made of 16 mm thick white melamine panels. 

A set of four white castors (Ø 50 mm) is included with each mobile unit.

  • The body of the mobile drawer units HB-580/2, HB-580/3, UF-580/2, UF-580/3, HB-580/2MBG and HB-580/3MBG measures 400x538x570 mm (WxDxH, including handles and castors).

  • The front drawer panels of the mobile drawer units HB-580/2, HB-580/3, HB-580/2MBG, HB-580/3MBG, UF-580/2 and UF-580/3 have a width of 433 mm. 

  • The front drawer panels of the mobile drawer units HB-580/2MBG and HB-580/3MBG are additionally equipped with bare handles. 

  • The mobile drawer units SW-470/2 and SW-470/3 feature extra wide drawers (600x540x550 mm, WxDxH, including handles and castors).

  • On the mobile drawer units with padded seats UF-580/2 and UF-580/3, the front panels and the seat are upholstered with the same synthetic leather as the table. 
AGA upholstery colours
  • The synthetic leathers used for the upholstery of our products, from the collection VOWAled Pisa (Vowalon) are characterized by their tensile strength, durability, longevity, easy cleaning and resistance to disinfectants. A large selection of colours is available.

  • We also offer the option of having the upholstery done in other colours or brands of synthetic leather. The corresponding materials should be sent to us after prior arrangement.

  • Electrically conductive (antistatic) synthetic leather upholstery (with earth contact) is available at extra charge. It is, however, included in the price for the operation and multifunction tables.
Article Numbers
Article NumberWxHxD (mm)Body / Front
SW-470/2600x540x500Melamine panels
SW-470/3600x540x500Melamine panels
UF-580/2400x535x570Melamine / Synthetic leather
UF-580/3400x535x570Melamine / Synthetic leather
HB-580/2400x535x570Melamine panels
HB-580/3400x535x570Melamine panels
HB-580/2MBG400x535x570Melamine / With handles
HB-580/3MBG400x535x570Melamine / With handles

The perfect add-ons for the AGA examination tables

U-1065, US-580/3, US-580/2
U-1065, US-580/3, US-580/2
U-1065, SW-470/3, SW-470/2
U-1065, SW-470/3, SW-470/2

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Multi-Purpose Mobile Cart

The multi-purpose mobile cart VZW-1062, is an essential tool in every medical practice. It can be used as a side table, mobile storage unit or equipment cart.

  • The frame of the multi-purpose mobile cart, Article No. VZW-1062, is made of welded rectangular steel pipe, lacquered in pure white RAL9010 (when no other colour is specified at time of order).  

  • The overall dimensions (including the 30 mm protuding handles) are 620x530x735 mm (WxDxH).
  • The cart includes two shelves (580x460 mm, LxW, heights 225/665 mm), as well as a drawer with a chrome handle. 

  • The multi-purpose mobile cart is delivered fully assembled, with only the four black nylon double castors (Ø 75 mm) to be inserted in the corresponding sleeves. 
Article Numbers
Article NumberWidth (mm)Height (mm)Frame
VZW-1062620735Lacquered RAL 9010

The corresponding product descriptions and article numbers can also be found in the AGA product catalogue on page 113.

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