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Product Catalogue - Issue 42

AGA Product Catalogue - Issue 42

The product catalogue (issue 42) and its pricelist remain valid until further notice. Please factor in the current inflation surcharge on the net product value.

General Terms & Conditions

AGA General Terms & Conditions
General Terms & Conditions

Product Groups

Operation and multi-function tables
X-ray tables
MRI tables and instrument table
Phlebology and tilt tables
Universal tables
Cardiography tables
Examination chairs
Multi-function examination tables
Massage and therapy tables
Transfusion and blood collection chairs
Stools and chairs
Privacy screens and misc. furniture


QS-Certificate for medical devices EN ISO 13485:2021
QS-Certificate for medical devices EN ISO 13485:2021

Colour Selection

AGA frame colours
Frame Colours
AGA upholstery colours
Upholstery Colours
AGA privacy screen colours
Privacy Screen Panel Colours

Upholstery Care and Maintenance

VOWAled Pisa

VOWAled Pisa synthetic leather - Technical Data
Technical Data
VOWAled Pisa synthetic leather - Care Instructions
Care Instructions (01/2015)
VOWAled Pisa synthetic leather - Disinfectant compatibility
Disinfectant compatibility (06/2021)

MEDISTAT (antistatic)

MEDISTAT - Technical Data
Technical Data
MEDISTAT - Maintenance instructions
Maintenance instructions (06/2020)
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