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About AGA Sanitätsartikel

AGA Sanitätsartikel GmbH specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of medical furniture. Our goal is to produce high quality products for safe patient positioning at competitive prices. Innovations are developed by our technical department with the involvement of health professionals. Several patents resulting from this collaboration have been filed.

AGA products are in use in doctors' offices, hospitals and nursing facilities in Germany and Europe as well as in the Middle East, in Africa and Asia, Central America and Australie. The distribution of our products worldwide is done through medical equipment suppliers only.

As a manufacturer, we are proud of our ability to meet customers' needs, particularly with custom-made products.

Our Product Range - Overview

AGA Operation, multi-function and X-ray tables
Operation, multi-function and X-ray tables
AGA Operating room accessories
Operating room accessories
AGA MRI tables and MRI instrument table
MRI tables and MRI instrument table
AGA Phlebology and tilt tables
Phlebology and tilt tables
AGA Universal tables
Universal tables
AGA Cardiography tables
Cardiography tables
AGA Examination chairs
Examination chairs
AGA Multi-function examination tables
Multi-function examination tables
AGA Massage and therapy tables
Massage and therapy tables
AGA Transfusion chairs
Transfusion chairs
AGA (Swivel) stools and chairs, step stools, infusion holders
(Swivel) stools/chairs, IV holders
AGA Privacy screens
Medical privacy screens
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