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Battery powered X-ray tables - AGA-AKKU-POWER-LIFT und AGA-AKKU-POWER-DUO-LIFT

The X-ray tables AGA-POWER-LIFT (with electric height adjustment) and AGA-POWER-DUO-LIFT (with electric height and tilt adjustments) have been specially developed for use in the field of radiology. The absence of a longitudinal brace at the front of the leg frame makes the use of a C-arm easily possible. These two X-ray tables are now available in a battery powered version.

The new X-ray table models presented below, AGA-AKKU-POWER- LIFT (with height adjustment) and AGA-AKKU-POWER-DUO-LIFT (height and tilt adjustments) are equipped with rechargeable batteries for greater versatility of use.

RGL-1065/NAC, LR/Z-125 (H: 620-1020 mm)
RGL-1065/NAC, LR/Z-125 (H:620-1020 mm)

X-ray tables with battery powered height adjustment / height and tilt adjustment

  • The radiolucent table surface has a thickness of 15 mm (for table width 650 mm) or 25 mm (for table width 800 mm).
  • The size of the metal-free area is 1200x600 mm (LxW), between the drives.
  • Please note that the areas of the headrest and the transition to the main surface can only be x-rayed to a limited extent due to the hinges and the headrest adjustment mechanisms.
  • For enhanced stability, the leg frame is equipped with levelling screws.
  • One-piece tabletop (RGL-1065/AC and RGL-1080/AC, RGL-1065/NAC and RGL-1080/NAC) or

  • Two-piece tabletop (RGL-1065/KAC and RGL-1080/KAC, RGL-1065/NKAC and RGL-1080/NKAC) with headrest (length approx. 500 mm) positively adjustable by grid. As a standard, the headrest is located on the right-hand side (next to the transformer/hand switch). It can be built on the left-hand side if requested at ordering time. 

Additional table sizes or lengths can be custom-built upon request. Please contact us for further information.


The X-ray tables are also available in a mobile version, with :

  • Castors, Ø 75 mm - Article No. LR-75
  • Castors, Ø 125 mm - Article No. LR-125

A set includes four castors, two of which are lockable.

  • Central locking castor system, for enhanced maneuverability and comfort of use - Article No. LR/Z-125

All four double castors (Ø 125 mm) are connected by rods. A foot pedal to lock in position or release is located at the head and foot ends of the table.

Note: With castors, the overall height of the table will change (620-1020 mm). Please contact us for more information.

Castors LR-125
Central Locking Castor System LR/Z-125
Side Safety Rail SG-1000/BK
Arm Support A-2047
Standard Rail OPS-40/A

In order to equip the table with accessories such as

  • Infusion (IV) Pole - Article No. INF-1720/VA   
  • Side safety rail - Article No. SG-1000/BK
  • Armrest/Arm support - Article No. A-2047

the standard rails are available in different lengths :  

  • Standard rails, length 400 mm - Article No. OPS-40/A
  • Standard rails, length 600 mm - Article No. OPS-60/A
  • Standard rails, length 1000 mm - Article No. OPS-100/A
  • Standard rails, length 1400 mm - Article No. OPS-140/A
  • Standard rails, length 1700 mm - Article No. OPS-170/A 

The position of the standard rails, whether at the head, feet or in the middle, may be specified at time of order.

The complete product descriptions for the available accessories can be found under Accessories for X-Ray tables (and in catalogue 42 on page 27).

Easy positioning of a C-arm with the AGA-AKKU-POWER-LIFT and AGA-AKKU-POWER-DUO-LIFT

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Upholstered pads for better patient comfort

To provide a additional comfort for the patient while lying position, we recommend the optional 40 mm-thick upholstered pads. The pads are easily attached onto the upper frame of the table by hook and loop closures. See your selection of 21 available upholstery colours.

  • Upholstered pad, width 65 cm - Article No. PAL-190-65  
  • Upholstered pad, width 80 cm - Article No. PAL-190-80
RGL-1065/NAC, LR/Z-125, PAL-190-65 (H: 620-1020 mm)
RGL-1065/NAC, LR/Z-125, PAL-190-65 (H: 620-1020 mm)
  • Height adjustment range 460-860 mm
  • Height adjustment mechanism - Rechargeable battery pack with hand switch (2 buttons, up and down)
  • Battery charger included
  • Tilt adjustment (NAC models only) - Rechargeable battery pack with hand switch (6 buttons for simultaneous height and tilt adjustment)
  • Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positioning up to 17° (NAC models only)
  • Widths 650 mm / 800 mm
  • Length 1900 mm
  • One-piece or two-piece tabletop
  • Maximum load 150 kg
  • Product weight 90 kg
  • Lacquered frame, see Frame Colours
AGA frame colours

  • The colour coating of the frame is available as a standard in three different colours (See colour selection card on the right):
    • light grey (RAL 7035),
    • white aluminium (RAL 9006),
    • pure white (RAL 9010).

  • The high-quality paint has a glossy finish, is easy to clean and resistant to disinfectants.

  • A different colour scheme (special order) is possible at extra charge, and subject to prior arrangements. Please notify us of the desired RAL colour.
Article Numbers
Article NumberWidth (mm)Height (mm)Max. load (kg)
RGL-1065/NAC650460 - 860 (battery)150
RGL-1065/NKAC (2-pc. tabletop)650460 - 860 (battery)150
PAL-190-65 (Upholstered pad)650
RGL-1080/NAC800460 - 860 (battery)150
RGL-1080/NKAC (2-pc. tabletop)800460 - 860 (battery)150
PAL-190-80 (Upholstered pad)800
BMEAC (Battery module)

Some products and options available

RGL-1065/AC with central locking castor system and upholstered pads - Height 620-1020 mm

The x-ray table AGA-AKKU-POWER-LIFT (Article No. RGL-1065/AC) is shown in the pictures with the frame colour 'light grey' (RAL 7035) and an overall length (incl. castors) of 620-1020 mm. The upholstered pads, Article No. PAL-190-65 and the central locking system with double castors (Ø 125 mm), Article No. LR-Z/125 are available as optional accessories. 

The complete product descriptions with additional features, as well as the available options and accessories may be found in the AGA product catalogue on pages 22-27.

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X-ray tables with electric height adjustment (AGA-POWER-DUO-LIFT) / electric height and tilt adjustment (AGA-POWER-DUO-LIFT) - Also available from AGA

Our X-ray tables are not only available with batteries but also electric height adjustment (AGA-POWER-LIFT), as well as with electric height and tilt adjustment, on the model called AGA-POWER-DUO-LIFT.

Here as well, the longitudinal brace in the front of the leg frame was removed to allow the free positioning of a C-arm.

RGL-1065/NEE, PAL-190-65
RGL-1065/NEE, PAL-190-65
RGL-1080/NKEE, PAL-190-80, LR/Z-125
RGL-1080/NKEE, PAL-190-80, LR/Z-125
RGL-1065/NEE, LR/Z-125, PAL-190-65
RGL-1065/NEE, LR/Z-125, PAL-190-65

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