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Accessories for X-Ray Tables

The optional accessories available for the AGA X-Ray tables are listed below. Moreover, push bars, wall guards and an all-around frame protector are also available. Please contact us for more information. 

Versatile standard rails

In order to equip the x-ray tables with accessories such as

  • Infusion (IV) Pole - Article No. INF-1720/VA   
  • Side safety rail - Article No. SG-1000/BK
  • Armrest/Arm support - Article No. A-2047

stainless steel standard rails (set of two, 25x10mm LxW, with spacers) are available in different lengths :  

  • Standard rails, length 400 mm - Article No. OPS-40/A
  • Standard rails, length 600 mm - Article No. OPS-60/A
  • Standard rails, length 1000 mm - Article No. OPS-100/A
  • Standard rails, length 1400 mm - Article No. OPS-140/A
  • Standard rails, length 1700 mm - Article No. OPS-170/A 

The position of the standard rail on the table frame (whether at the head, feet or in the middle), should be specified at time of order.
*Retrofitting of the standard rails is not possible.

Standard Rail OPS-40/A
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Upholstered pads for better patient comfort

To provide a additional comfort for the patient while in the lying position, we recommend the optional 40 mm-thick upholstered pads. They are available in 21 upholstery colours and easily attach onto the upper frame of the table by hook and loop closures. 

  • Upholstered pad, width 65 cm - Article No. PAL-190-65  
  • Upholstered pad, width 80 cm - Article No. PAL-190-80
RGL-1065/NEE, PAL-190-65
RGL-1065/NEE, PAL-190-65

Side guards

Side guard (unit), removable - Dimensions 800x250 mm (LxH).

  • Lacquered, see Frame Colours - Article No. SG-1000
  • Stainless steel - Article No. SG-3000

Note: The removable side guards are not retrofittable.

Side guard (unit), adjustable - Dimensions 800x250 mm (LxH), adjustable with pivot mechanism, permanently attached to the table.

  • Lacquered - Article No. SG-1000/1
  • Stainless steel - Article No. SG-3000/1

Note: The adjustable side guards are not retrofittable.

Side guard (unit), removable - Dimensions 800x250 mm (LxH).

  • Lacquered - Article No. SG-1000/BK
  • Stainless steel - Article No. SG-3000/BK

Mounting clamp for standard rail included.
Note: Standard rail(s) required.

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Benefits and services

For more than 40 years we have been offering modern medical furniture with reliable service and valuable benefits such as:

  • Spare parts delivery for 10 years
  • Individual colour choices
  • Quality management system DIN EN ISO 13485:2016
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  • Castors, Ø 75 mm - Set of four, incl. two locking castors - Article No. LR-75
  • Castors, Ø 125 mm - Set of four, incl. two locking castors - Article No. LR-125
  • Central castor locking system, double castors, Ø 125 mm - All four double castors are connected by rods, to be operated at the head or feet end (press pedal once) - Article No. LR/Z-125

In all cases, please specify the required total height of the table (550-800 mm or 700-950 mm) including castors, at time of order.


Paper Roll Holder

P-2065/A, P-2080/A
P-2065/A, P-2080/A
  • Paper roll holder - Chrome-plated, for table width 650 mm - Article No. P-2065/A
  • Paper roll holder - Chrome-plated, for table width 800 mm - Article No. P-2080/A

With mounting hardware, to be mounted at the foot end, under the table frame.

Infusion Holder

  • Infusion (IV) holder - Stainless steel, length 1700 mm, with four hooks and fixing clamp (screw system). Please specify the exact desired position of the fixing clamp on the frame - Article No. INF-1720/A

*Retrofitting is possible to a limited extent only.

  • Infusion (IV) holder - Stainless steel, length 1700 mm, with four hooks and a mounting clamp. Article No. INF-30170/BKO

*Standard rail(s) required.

The product descriptions and article numbers for the AGA X-Ray tables and accessories can be found in the AGA product catalogue on pages 22-27.

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